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Get Trained, Get Certified, & Get Hired!

At LeaderQuest, our help doesn’t end when you finish your classes. We’ll guide through every step of the job hunt by connecting you with employers and helping you create a resume, cover letter, and online presence to outshine your competition. Ready for an IT, cyber security, or project management career you’ll love? Contact us today and we can help!

One-On-One Career Coaching

Our Employment Development Managers (EDMs) are consummate professionals employed specifically to help our students find jobs. We have an EDM at each of our four locations: Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, and San Antonio. They know the industry. They know the big employers. They also know exactly what those employers are looking for and how to get hired.

Dedicated to Your Employment

Here are a few of the ways EDMs can help. Their skills include:

  • Valuable employer partnerships with local IT companies
  • Knowledge of the ins and outs of working with recruiters and potential employers
  • Insider info on the hard and soft skills that will get you that interview
  • Expertise in all things job hunt-related, including resumes, cover letters, interviews, and online profiles

No matter what your background, EDMs will do everything within their power to help you connect with employers that offer an IT career you can build a life on and a salary that makes you smile.


Please note: LeaderQuest is not an employment agency and placement is not guaranteed. We will work with you to help you find a position, but we do not offer placement services.

Find Your Dream Job in IT, Cyber Security, or Project Management

Looking for a great career, but not sure where to start? That’s fine.

We’ll sit you down with one of our Career Training Consultants who can help you.

The best IT school for your career goals and work experience

What qualifications you’ll need to wow employers

Your compensation once you’ve acquired your new skills

Planning your next move to advance in the IT industry

Looking For Qualified Candidates to Hire?

If you’re an employer who needs to fill out your team with qualified workers look no further! We know our students and we know who’d be a good fit in terms of ability, background, and company culture. If you’re interested in hiring our graduates, reach out to us today!

We’re LeaderQuest, we’re here to help you.

There’s no doubt about it. Our IT training gets results, but don’t take our word for it. Watch the video to hear the story of Ambrose, a professional who was ready to make a change to pursue a career with better opportunities and earning potential. This is how we helped get him into a field he loves.

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into Your Greatest Asset

Statistics show that over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find hires. It helps people connect with potential employers, collaborators, and shows up high in search results when an employer is vetting you. Here are a few of the skill you’ll learn . . .

  • Connecting with the jobs you want and the employers/recruiters who can help you there
  • Leveraging your LinkedIn account as high-impact advertising for your personal brand
  • Creating a profile that makes employers seek YOU out

Polish Your Resume & Create an Unforgettable Cover Letter

We’ll help you develop a personal career strategy. With career services, you’ll . . .

  • Improve your resume & interview skills with one-on-one coaching
  • Gain direct resume referrals to IT hiring managers
  • Get insider knowledge on the hard and soft skills managers want
  • Maximize your resume and cover letters for an unforgettable first impression


With one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll have the chance to practice the skills you need to crush your next interview.


Once you’ve earned certifications, get the career you want in IT support, networking, project management, or cyber security.


You’ll learn invaluable IT job search & networking strategies and enhance your professional skills to make the connections you need.


Once you finish your classes, join our exclusive LeaderQuest Technical Professionals LinkedIn Group to see hot jobs in your area.

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