When it comes to IT training, we know we’re not the only player in the game. That’s why we have crafted our programs to offer more value than any of our competitors. More than anything, our commitment to getting you hired is the best asset we can possibly offer. So if you’re looking to change jobs or move into a new role, let us know! We’d love to help you take the next step in your career.

What makes us so special? Read on to learn about what makes LeaderQuest’s IT programs best in class.

1. Live, Expert-led IT Training

At LeaderQuest, we never use pre-recorded seminars. Our knowledgeable instructors are right there with you in the classroom, and ready to answer questions or go over difficult topics a second time. This includes our IT classes online, which are always led by a live expert. Don’t leave your information technology education in the hands of a recording, train with us!

2. Available Fully Online or in the Classroom

We have campuses in Colorado Springs, Dallas, the Denver Tech Center, Jacksonville, and San Antonio, each fully equipped with a computer lab for study and practice, a testing center (see #4), and a place to meet with your Instructor Mentor. But we know that during this pandemic, it’s just not practical to meet in person or visit us on campus. That’s why we also offer all of our courses in an online-only format, and make our Instructor Mentors available through online meetings. Whatever way works best for you, we’re ready to help you get trained and certified!

3. Post IT Training Career Services

Not only will we train you and help you pass your exam, but we’ll help you work on your resume, contact employers and GET HIRED! Each LeaderQuest campus has a Career Services team including a dedicated Employment Development Manager (EDM) that is solely focused on preparing and positioning our graduates with our employer partners in the community. It’s our mission to make sure every LeaderQuest alum finds their place in the IT industry.

We’re deeply committed to finding employment for each of our graduates. Your EDM is your personal employment advocate, and they have many tools they can use to help you find the perfect position. Though LeaderQuest is not a placement agency and can’t guarantee a job, the IT market is thriving and certified individuals are in high demand. Read on to learn more about how your EDM can help.

4. On-Site Testing with Vouchers Included

As an accredited Pearson VUE testing facility, we can proctor exams for our students right on our campuses. Take the test somewhere you’re comfortable, with people you know, instead of going to a brand new facility for testing. Certification exams are included in the cost of your training, which can be as much as $600 per exam!

5. Instructor Mentors Help You Excel

If you study at LeaderQuest, you’ll get the benefit of studying with an Instructor Mentor, an on-campus resource for one on one coaching and tutoring. Each Instructor Mentor is an experienced, certified, technical trainer who is scheduled to teach only half of the time. The rest of their time is spent supporting students and helping to prepare them for exams.

This role represents LeaderQuest’s commitment to helping students at every step of their IT training journey. While some students excel at their exams without any aid, we recognized that others needed a stronger support system. Our classes give students all the knowledge they need to pass their exams, but some students may need to study more to feel confident while taking the test.

6. Earn College Credit with ACE CREDIT Recommendation

When you take one of the 14 approved courses at LeaderQuest, you could be eligible for college credit. So if you’re considering getting a full bachelor’s degree or going back for some extra training, you could have a head start. ACE CREDIT recommendation means you could get trained with an entry-level certification, start a job in IT, and still have college credit if you decide to go back to school to specialize.

7. Not a Boot Camp

LeaderQuest doesn’t try to force its students through a 4-day course and then have them “test out” that Friday. Depending on the certification, our IT education programs may take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. We aim for 90% or better knowledge retention so that you can use your certification with confidence. Following the completion of each course, you will have continued access to your course-ware, lab environment, and exam/study prep test materials. The LeaderQuest Learning Guarantee ensures that if you don’t pass your certification exam, you can continue to sit in on lessons until you’re ready to take—and pass—your exam.

8. Funding Experts

Not sure how to pay for training? Our career training consultants are funding experts! We can help Veterans gain access to the benefits they’ve earned. We can also help non-veterans secure alternative funding sources that meet their needs. Your training through us is eligible for funding through state grants because we’re a state-approved career school. We’re also VA approved to offer training to veterans and active duty military members through Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 GI Bill®. If you don’t qualify for outside funding, we can help you apply for a loan from Climb Credit.

9. Day or Night Classes

We know it can be hard to take time away from your job to get IT training. That’s why we offer night classes and online courses that make it easy to earn the IT certifications you need to advance your career. Many of our students achieve meaningful employment before finishing their program and choose to finish out their program via our night classes. All of our courses are led by a live, expert instructor, and are never pre-recorded.

10. Build a Career with Continued Education

Helping career changers get their start is a big part of what we do at LeaderQuest, but it doesn’t end there. With programs like Computer User Support Specialist, we can help you start a career in IT and get some experience under your belt. When you’re ready for the next step, we offer training in powerful mid-level and advanced IT certifications that can help you land a promotion and advance your career into new areas.

We offer Cyber Security programs like Information Security Analyst and Cyber Security Specialist that are designed to help you advance your career into cyber security with confidence. These programs are designed to help graduates qualify for roles like Information Security Specialist, Information Systems Security Manager, Data Security Analyst, Information Security Auditor, and more.

If you’re interested in Networking and Infrastructure, our Network Administrator program is a great next step and will help you earn your CCNA certification. You’ll be qualified for roles such as System Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Support Technician and more.

Finally, for those interested in becoming a Project Manager, we offer PMP certification training through our Senior Technology Project Manager program.

We’re ready to help you advance your career into whatever specialty suits your skills and interest!

Start or Advance Your IT Career Today!

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GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).