Follow the story of Christopher Branch as he reaches his separation date from the US Air Force and successfully completes his transition into a satisfying civilian life.

Joins the US Air Force

– Spring 2006

Christopher graduates high school and joins the United States Air Force. Christopher went into Security Forces and worked to provide physical security at a nuclear missile facility.

Honorable Discharge

– Spring 2012

Christopher has dutifully worked for the past 6 years serving this country and ultimately, fulfilled his commitment to the Air Force with an honorable discharge and the hopes of establishing a new, civilian life for his family.


– Summer 2012

Christopher remains unemployed. Struggling to make ends meet and support a family of four, Christopher has to move his family to live with his in-laws while he spends his days searching for work and attending job fairs – none of which resulted in employment.

LeaderQuest Contact

– September 2012

Christopher received a call from one of LeaderQuest’s Career Training Consultants who found his resume listed on a job search engine. Christopher knew that IT was a growing field with plenty of opportunity, but he had zero technical background and did not have any of the required entry-level skills to get him started on a career path in information technology.

Training Begins!

– October 2012

Christopher enrolls in the Computer User Support Specialist Program, a series of CompTIA courses that would empower him with the basic skills and certifications required for most entry-level IT jobs.

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Course Completion

– December 2012

By mid-December, Christopher completed each of the CompTIA and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) courses.

Certification Success

– March 2013

Within a couple of months post training, Christopher passed all 4 of his certification exams and, as a veteran with existing Security Clearance, becomes a prime candidate for the IT job market in Colorado Springs, CO. Christopher begins to work through the LeaderQuest Career Services Division to participate in workshops, coaching sessions, and get assistance in creating an ironclad resume.

Job Interview

– April 2013

Christopher is interviewing for IT jobs in the Colorado Springs area. Christopher accepts a job offer from the first company that interviewed him.


– April 2013

Christopher begins working as a Systems Administrator for MCSG Technologies, subcontracted to Northrop Grumman.

Current Update

– April 2013

Not satisfied to remain stagnant in his career, Christopher is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology, as well as additional certifications that will bring him even further in his career and open up even greater job opportunities. Long term, he plans to work towards achieving the Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has his eye on a career in a Security Operations Center.