The Dice Tech Salary Survey is out and the findings are amazing!

If you have contemplated a career change, want to begin a tech career, or move up at your current tech jog, the time is now…hands down. Dice states that “seven markets hit six-figure salaries for the first time” in 2015! Also, overall salaries, bonuses and contract rates have jumped for technology professionals across the board.

We included the full report from Dice at the end of this post but here are some incredible highlights and what they mean for YOU.

Increases in IT Professional Salaries

With high demand for tech and lower unemployment rates, companies are paying out better salaries, benefits, and bonuses to experienced tech professionals.

According to Dice, 2015 saw the biggest overall salary hike for IT professionals to date, up 7.7% annually. This is an excellent indicator that companies are investing more in technology and creating a solid job market providing ample opportunities for technical professionals to find great employment.

On the other hand, don’t expect to see these salary jumps unless you are able to demonstrate that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date. We all know how fast technology changes. A college degree is great and required for some IT jobs. However, that alone may not be enough. If you do not have current skills, experience, IT training, and/or IT certifications, you may be hard-pressed to find the IT career and salary range you desire. An investment in IT training and IT certifications can pay for itself quick enough in the current job market!

Salary and Employment Satisfaction On the Rise for Tech

According to the Dice report, 2013 and 2014 saw a decrease in salary satisfaction among technology professionals, going from 57% to 52%. This past year, the number began rising again, indicating that companies are beginning to compete and invest more for good tech people, AND are working harder to keep their employees happy.

This clearly points to a stable job market and better career opportunities for technical professionals, even for applicants with lesser skills and experience in their portfolios.

Top Paying Tech Skills and Job Titles

“As more businesses look to build out their tech infrastructures, employers need solutions to securely store, manage and process large sets of data,” according to Mr. Melk, president of Dice. Because of this, cloud and big data skills are some of the highest paying including HANA, Cassandra, Cloudera, PaaS, and OpenStack. AND all come with six figure salaries attached on average!

Tech management job titles such as CIO, CTO, and Directors lead the pack with annual salaries averaging $145,133 (up 7.1% from the previous year). Close behind are Systems Architects ($135k), Tech Managers ($129k), Project Managers ($113k), Security Engineers ($107k), Database Admins ($103k), App Developers ($95k), and Business Analysts ($93k). Read Dice’s full list of job titles and average salaries on their survey below.

Employer Challenges YOU will Benefit From

With tech salaries on the rise, employers are feeling the pressure. Good IT professionals are coming with higher price tags and are harder to keep. 65% of the technical professionals that changed jobs last year did so because of higher compensation. However, pay is not the only factor. Many tech professionals can move laterally in pay for a “better” job with increased flexibility, interesting assignments, flexible hours, and/or IT training and IT certifications. Employers will need to find creative benefits besides compensation alone to increase retention of their best employees and attract new talent.


The bottom line is that if you are considering a career in tech or want to move up the ladder, NOW is the time! LeaderQuest offers complete IT career training programs and individual IT training courses along with industry recognized certifications to start or boost your IT career. We also offer a complete career services department that can help you figure out which training path will get you to the IT career of your dreams! Call us today at (866) 378-0761 or contact us online.

A big thank you goes out to Dice for their survey and findings! Click here to download the complete Dice Tech Salary Survey.