You Can Use MyCAA to Train for an IT Career!

You Can Use MyCAA to Train for an IT Career!

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program provides up to $4,000 of educational funding for military spouses who are continuing their education by pursuing a license, certification, or an Associates degree in what they call a “portable” career field and occupation.

The goal of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program is to help military spouses with career development and employment. SECO sponsors MyCAA to further their goals of military spouse employment.

What services does MyCAA Offer?

  • Training and Education Financial Assistance – MyCAA provides a maximum education benefit of up to $4,000 (with a max of $2,000 per year) to help military spouses acquire a professional credential or certification needed to meet their Portable Career goal. The $2,000 yearly max can be waived if there is a tuition cost that exceeds $2,000 (up to the maximum benefit of $4,000).
  • Employment Readiness Counseling – Counseling services are provided to all military spouses married to active duty service members of all ranks, regardless of their eligibility for MyCAA education funding. Counseling services help military spouses identify additional sources of federal, state, and local financial assistance, expanded career choices and opportunities, and necessary support resources (e.g., child care, transportation, books, computers, equipment, supplies, etc.).
  • Employment Assistance and Career Services – For MyCAA spouse participants who have completed their programs of study using MyCAA funding and are ready to seek employment, referrals are made to a network of military friendly employers.

Understanding MyCAA Eligibility

For most military spouses, it’s easy to tell if you’re eligible for MyCAA or not.

  • You must be a current spouse of an active duty US Military member (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, National Guard, or Reserve) who falls within pay grades E1 to E5, O1 to O2, or W1 to W2.
  • You must be able to start and complete your coursework while your spouse is on federal Title 10 active duty orders.
  • Spouses of National Guard or Reserve members in Alert, Transition Assistance, or Post Deployment status are not eligible. Coast Guard spouses are not eligible.

What Training Does MyCAA Cover?

This program is designed to cover the cost for training courses or higher education to help the spouse get certifications or an associate degree that will increase their employment or portable career opportunities. In this case, portable career opportunities mean ones that will be available even if the spouse has to move.

MyCAA does not pay for:

  • Courses that have already been started or completed.
  • Books or supplies.
  • Continuing Education Credits.
  • High school or GED programs.
  • Study Abroad Programs.
  • Transportation, lodging,  or child care (though they can help you find support for this elsewhere).
  • General studies or liberal arts degrees or courses.
  • Student activities, events or entertainment.

How To Apply For MyCAA

You can get started by visiting the MyCAA website. Once you create a profile, MyCAA will verify your DEERS benefit eligibility. You’ll need to create a Career and Training Plan and request Financial Assistance when you are within 30 days of course start dates. Additionally, it’s your responsibility to apply to your school or program of choice and complete enrollment in each course included in their approved MyCAA Career and Training Plan.

Using MyCAA for IT Career Training at LeaderQuest

If you’re interested in a career in networking, IT support, or cyber security, LeaderQuest may be a great option for you! Our training qualifies for MyCAA funding, and we’re proud to offer MyCAA enrollees our Computer User Support Specialist or Information Security Analyst programs within the funding allowed by MyCAA.

If you want to break into the IT industry, Computer User Support Specialist is the perfect program for you. This package of four key certifications will help you get hired into your first IT job, and also give you a strong foundation for an IT career. Whether you decide to go into cyber security, networking or IT support, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

The Information Security Analyst program is ideal for those with some IT experience, and immerses students in an interactive environment where the instructors use lectures, guided discussions, and hands-on lab experiences to demonstrate and help students explore key skills and methods used in information security. You’ll examine cyber network defense from three approaches: prevention, reaction, and retrospection. Learn basic cyber security principles and more advanced techniques including perimeter defense, hacking, forensics, and intrusion prevention.

After completing your courses, you’ll have the support of our Career Services team. We’ll guide through every step of the job hunt by helping you create a resume, cover letter, and online presence to outshine your competition and connecting you with our network of local employers.

Ready to Start a New Career?

If you’d like to learn more about training at LeaderQuest, fill out the form below! We’ll be in touch with more information about our training and answers to any questions you might have.