Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2017

Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2017

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Technology jobs are growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the best is yet to come and there are numerous reasons why technology is forecasted to develop more rapidly within the next decade or so.

2017 has a lot in store for tech and professionals with the right skill set will be among those who benefit the most from the continuous advancements in the industry.

Acquire or polish up these in-demand tech skills to significantly enhance your market value and be visible to the most reputable employers.

Data Mining, Analysis, Presentation and Storage

Processes relevant to data will always be present in a society heavily reliant on technology. As such, the tech skills required to ensure the smooth flow of these processes will be needed, and naturally, the individuals who have the corresponding capabilities will be on top of the talent pool.

A list from LinkedIn enumerated several tech skills related to data processing as among the most in-demand prospectively next year. It also includes expertise in advanced data storage such as cloud systems and all similar fields.

Network Administration and Engineering Tech Skills

Professionals with networking skills are projected to have significant salary percentage gains in 2017 as opposed to individuals in other industries. Companies are upgrading and/or maintaining their networks and systems, which require the skills of competitive network personnel.

Considering wireless networks are constantly improving, the telecommunications field is a hot area to watch. Tech resource O2 points out that major carriers are eyeing 5G deployment within the next few years and many providers are conducting their own tests and research for this next-gen wireless tech.

Cyber Security and Information Security

As more users gain access to technology, the amount of information entered into the digital world is proportionally multiplying. Security is a major concern, and so developments linked to the protection of all users will be implemented by the technology industry.

In line with this, professionals who can contribute to the improvisation of information security shall be crucial. Regardless if it’s internal as for company use only, or external towards customers, reliable information security will always be necessary.

Mobile Development

Among the hottest devices today are smartphones and every other gadget that may be linked to them such as wearables and peripherals. Both hardware and software for mobile are steadily advancing, therefore, knowledgeable professionals will always be required to fill the need of consumers towards more innovations and features.

New models are regularly released, and some of the latest now have capabilities on par with their bigger counterparts. For instance, One Plus 3 that runs on Android-based OxygenOS is one of several handsets equipped with 6GB RAM which is twice as much as numerous smartphones rolled out just a few months earlier. This processing power is greater or comparable to many netbooks and laptops that are currently in the market.

Next year will be more explosive, as there are handsets slated to pack in up to 8GB RAM. This specification is just one piece of the puzzle in terms of mobile hardware, and other parts continue to get upgraded as well.

Consequently, many software developers are shifting to a mobile platform due to this rapid growth. The demand for apps and other programs for handheld devices will increase along with the advancement of OEM components.

User Interface Design

Of course, the user interface is a core element of many technology jobs, whether in websites, systems, mobile or other advanced machinery. As such, effective and user-friendly design is crucial to improving an end user’s efficiency, convenience, overall experience and at times, even safety.

A study which projected five highly sought-after tech skills next year includes user interface design, mainly due to its impact in all facets of technology. In a world where a lot of activity is done through tech, the user interface can certainly affect everything that will happen next once you start the interaction.


If you’ll be entering the professional world soon or planning a career change next year, these tech skills will be perfect additions to your arsenal. Today’s society is highly driven and competitive, thus, ensuring that you have an edge over other individuals through IT certification or additional education will increase your chances of success in any technology job.

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