Are You Ready to Pass The New Security+ Exam: SY0-501?

Are You Ready to Pass The New Security+ Exam: SY0-501?

CompTIA strives to ensure their exams are relevant and cover topics that employers care about. That’s why the newest version of the exam, SY0-501 which was released on October 4th, is different than 401. The updated exam increases the focus on cyber attacks, risk management and hands-on skills using industry standard technologies and tools.

How is SY0-501 different?

If you’ve taken SY0-401 in the last few years, 501 will have a lot of similarities. About 25% of the content/questions is new or represents a deeper dive into certain domains of the quiz. The 501 exam has also shifted to lower layers of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Previously, the 401 version of the exam had some content related to analysis (layer 4). Now, this content has moved to intermediate certifications like CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+). Instead, 501 focuses on applying technology, which falls in layer 3. By staying in the first three layers of the taxonomy, the exam limits its scope to remembering, comprehending, and applying cybersecurity knowledge.

With four new exam objectives and a focus on implementation, the 501 exam aims to address changes in the industry.

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