What is Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013?

What is Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013?

“I find myself data rich, but knowledge poor.” This is one of the best quotes from Jared Spataro during the SharePoint Conference 2014. His insightful statement expresses what so many companies are struggling with in a typical environment.

In today’s world where virtually all data is considered business critical and/or perhaps Intellectual Property, the mindsets of data owners is that this data must always be available. The result is that in most companies data is rarely deleted or even archived and begins to accumulate at a staggering rate. This makes finding a specific file, a group of files, or other datasets, extremely difficult. To add even more complexity, data is stored in a variety of locations–file servers, web sites, databases, SharePoint sites, or other vendor-specific storage locations. Further, data is consumed by different personnel based on a number of factors including job roles, work locations, organizational hierarchy etc. This requires security to be granularly applied to all data sets.

Given this very diverse landscape, cataloging data in order to ensure that germane information can be easily surfaced when requested by users is obviously a very complex task. The good news is that Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise Search can often fulfill all of the requirements of companies in order to index data regardless of where that data is located and provide search results that ensure that users are only presented with results for the data that they are allowed to access.

Due to the complexity of this SharePoint service it is obvious that implementing such a robust search and indexing technology in any company requires a significant learning curve, planning, testing and troubleshooting. However, a well implemented service can result in increased productivity by all consumers of the service and often times is the primary reason that SharePoint is seamlessly adopted within a company.

Enterprise Search is just one of the many topics explored in detail in the Microsoft authorized SharePoint training classes. The ten days of training content provided by Microsoft and delivered by an authorized learning partner can provide guidance to organizations looking to deploy, migrate or upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013. These Microsoft courses, 20331 and 20332, also align with the MCSE certification exams for SharePoint.