The LeaderQuest Learning Portal Delivers Superior IT Training

The LeaderQuest Learning Portal Delivers Superior IT Training

We are happy to announce the one-year anniversary of the LeaderQuest Learning Portal!

LeaderQuest invested in a Learning Management System (LMS) in early 2018. Due to our growth, and in an effort to improve the student experience, the investment in an LMS was a no-brainer. Our first classes were rolled out via the Learning Portal LMS in May of last year. Focus groups were held for students that had taken classes without the LMS and then given the opportunity to take a class utilizing the LMS. Another focus group was composed of students new to LeaderQuest and only having the LMS as a reference for their course resources. Both focus groups evaluated the LMS experience and revealed that the LMS has been a total success and solidified that the LMS impacted the student learning experience in a positive way.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a platform for the delivery of training courses, including course materials, instruction, and interactions between students and instructors. It enables the documentation, tracking, reporting on and administration of those courses.

The LeaderQuest LMS is a cloud based (SaaS) platform, supported by Absorb. There are other LMS platforms, however, cloud-based provides by far the best user experience. All a student needs are a username and password to log in, no installation or downloads are needed. All upgrades and technical updates are handled by Absorb and pushed to the cloud, allowing LeaderQuest staff to focus solely on student experience.

The Learning Portal is an intuitive user interface that hosts all of the valuable curriculum for both the on-campus and virtual courses that we offer. The new LMS benefits students as well as internal processes and best practices as it lends visibility into each learner’s individual experience and facilitates the tracking and reporting of student progress. This allows instructors/staff to be more engaged with students throughout their learning experience, providing the student with additional support when needed.

Who gets access, when?

The LMS is referred to as the “Learning Portal” for our students. All instructors, students and select administrative staff have access to the Learning Portal. The students gain access to the learning portal upon completion of their registration. Providing student access to valuable resources before classes begins allows them to prepare in advance.

What makes our LMS so awesome?

The advantages of an LMS are plentiful. The LeaderQuest Learning Portal is fully customized to support IT technical training and gives the student a “one stop” platform for their training needs. Students simply log into the Learning Portal to find all of the resources and materials for their classes such as the syllabus, ebooks, labs, test prep, and all LeaderQuest policies and best practice information.

Students complete assignments and assessments within the Learning Portal giving instructors insight into student progress and completion. The Learning Portal allows the instructors to proactively step in to support when they see a student struggling or commend students doing well.

The Learning Portal also enables communication for the instructor and students. Instructors can privately communicate with students via an inbox in the learning portal. This helps them stay in touch with individual students when needed. Each class also has a chatboard where students and instructors can post study items, ask questions and compare notes. These lines of communication are incredibly important for creating a full and immersive student experience.

At the end of class, students take a course evaluation via the Learning Platform, making the process of evaluating instructors, curriculum and their personal LeaderQuest experience easy. The evaluation of the learning experience is important as it allows LeaderQuest to make adjustments to the training when needed, to better serve the student’s needs. The student also has access to Course Completion Certificates and Transcripts via their Learning Portal, once courses are completed.

The Learning Portal also hosts LeaderQuest customized resources developed by industry experts, such as Take the Challenge and Boost Your Knowledge. These resources help prepare the students for industry recognized certification exams, such as CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+.

Take the Challenge

What is it?

Take the Challenge is a supplemental test prep resource created by industry experts and certified, knowledgeable instructors. Take the Challenge prepares our students for their certification exam after the completion of class in a unique way. This test prep includes a 300+ question bank with answers and detailed explanations or rationales. The test prep questions are exam style, are timed, and are broken up into different sets of questions that the student can take or retake as needed for knowledge mastery. Each practice exam is set up to mimic the actual exam the student will take.

Why is this exam prep so awesome?

This test prep is unique as each question is organized and tied into an objective/domain that is covered on the exam. This allows the student to hone in on areas or objectives they may not be excelling in. Once the student has identified their weak areas of knowledge, the student can dive back into the curriculum to strengthen those problem areas they are scoring low on.

Who gets access when?

Take the Challenge is added to the student’s Learning Portal as soon as the student is registered for the actual course. It is most beneficial for the student to begin utilizing this resource after they have completed class, however, they have it from the start if they would like to explore its capabilities. This incredible resource is a free addition to the student’s courseware to utilize after class is completed. All the student resources are in the LeaderQuest Learning Portal making access easy and allowing instructors to track progress.

What classes have Take the Challenge?

Take the Challenge enriches students’ learning experience and improves student preparation for taking the certification exams. Due to popular demand and success, Take the Challenge has already been created and released for ITIL, Network+, Security+, CND, CEH, CHFI and PMP. In the near future you will see other LeaderQuest courses supported by Take the Challenge as we continue to improve the pass rates and learning experience for our students.

Boost Your Knowledge

What is it?

Boost your Knowledge is a resource that contains the official Professor Messer videos. Professor Messer, aka James Messer, is a security, networking, and internet-based multimedia publisher. He is a world leader in free online training videos that have over twenty-five million online views. We give all the credit to Professor Messer, all we have done is made Messer’s videos easily accessible to our students through our one stop, all access, Learning Portal.

Why is this resource so awesome?

To supplement learning, LeaderQuest has aligned the series of comprehensive Professor Messer videos by domain. If/when the student struggles on a lab or with the curriculum, they need to look no further than Boost your Knowledge, making it easy for the students to get to the topics they would like to review in further depth explained by an industry expert. Hosting the Professor Messer videos on the Learning Platform also allows Instructors insight into what resources the students are utilizing.

Who gets access when?

Boost Your Knowledge is added to the student’s Learning Portal as soon as the student is registered for the actual course. It is most beneficial for the student to begin utilizing this resource before they begin class. This incredible resource is a free addition to the student’s courseware to get them acclimated to terminology and exposed to topics that will be covered in the class. Viewing the videos during and after class will help reinforce the information a student learned in the classroom to get them further prepared for exams.

What classes have Boost Your Knowledge?

The Boost Your Knowledge resource enrich’ s a student’s learning experience and improves student preparation for taking the course. Due to popular demand and success, Boost Your Knowledge has already been created and released for the A+, Network+, and Security+ CompTIA courses.

Are You Interested in IT Training?

At LeaderQuest, we’re committed to state of the art IT training for the most in-demand industry certifications. If you’ve been considering a career in IT, we can help you quickly get the training you need to get hired into your first IT role.

Our Computer User Support Specialist program includes four important IT certifications, and most students complete their courses and certification exams within 3 months. By completing their training for ITIL, CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+, students gain the skills they need to be highly desirable to employers while building a foundation for a career in an IT specialization like networking, cyber security or IT support.

If you’d like to learn more about IT training at LeaderQuest, let us know. Our Career Training Consultants are experts when it comes to choosing an IT training path that works for you.