Navigating an IT Company Hiring Spree: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Navigating an IT Company Hiring Spree: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Getting in on an IT company’s hiring spree can be one of the best ways to land a position that could eventually lead to your dream IT job.

Normally, when an IT company goes on a hiring spree, it can mean one of a few things… all of which are great for helping you develop your career:

  • They need to fill up desks/roles fast because they’ve taken on a huge new project
  • They’re expanding their business in a fundamental way
  • They’ve just seen a huge jump in revenue and are taking that opportunity to expand
  • They’ve got something new and innovative to show off to the world… and they don’t want their competitors beating them to the market

Whatever their reasons are though, they need to make quality hires as quickly as possible so they can get the ball rolling.

As a job seeker, this comes with its pros and cons.

And since we’ve seen IT hiring sprees happen from within, we can help you navigate through one so you can make sure you stand out in all the right ways.

You’ll be Treated Like a Herd of Cattle

Especially when an IT company is hiring for a lot of new people in the same position (like entry-level app developers), you might walk in to your first interview or testing session only to find that you’re one of 30 people they’re interviewing and testing for skills that day.

Do not let it deflate your sense of worthiness for the job.

Even if only 5-10 of those 30 people will be granted a position, it doesn’t mean the odds are any less in your favor. This is just the company’s way of saving time on their end, and it’s a way to filter out unworthy candidates quickly instead of taking the time to interview each individual candidate first.

Your Skills are Secondary

The testing and herd-like interviewing process is important (If you say you know C++, you need to prove it), but most importantly, the company is looking for candidates who stand out and resonate with the company culture.

Especially when mass-hiring for an entry-level position, your managers are expecting to spend time training you, and see you first and foremost as an investment for the long-run interest of the company.

So while your track record and your ability to prove that you can produce results is important, the most important thing in a candidate for them is someone who will be easy to get along with and who’s ready and willing to hit the ground running, even if it means making a mistake or two along the way.

Make Yourself Stand Out

To stand out and get the job, you can’t just walk into the office and act like a machine who’s only there to pump out work. Bragging about what you’ve done in the past is cool, but you don’t want to sound like work is the end-all be-all of your life. Working with someone like that is a turn-off.

Fortunately, there’s a few other ways you can stand out from your herd of fellow interviewers to help secure a second, more attention-worthy interview for the position.

  • Do your research to get a feel for the company’s culture
    •  By doing a few minutes of research on their website, reading their blog, and getting a feel for what others say about their working culture on sites like Glassdoor, you can get an idea of the company’s in-house working culture and at least have an idea of what you shouldn’t do to hurt your chances. For example, if the place is casual, don’t show up in a three-piece suit.
  • Contact your direct supervisor before the interviewing process begins
    • So many people get caught up in the idea that to make a good impression, you need to send a thank you card to the interviewer after the interview’s been conducted. There’s no harm in it, but the real time to make a good first impression is before and during the interview. If you don’t do it then, sending a card as a last-chance redemption is not going to work.
    • For tips on how to do this, check out our blog post on doing your own informal introductions.
  • Ask a current employee how to impress the interviewer
    • If you know someone working at the company, find out how you can impress the person who’s going to be interviewing you. (It may or may not be work related.)
    • If you don’t know anyone working there, don’t be shy to reach out to people who are already in the position you want to ask them what the interviewers are particularly looking for (as far as hard skills and a culture fit) that you can make sure to mention during your interview.
  • Have a killer example of hitting the ground running
    • As mentioned before, most IT companies on a hiring spree are doing so because they want to get to work fast. Having an example (related to your current skill set or not) of where you hit the ground running and came out on top is going to give you major brownie points as the go-getter they’re looking for.

Get Your Resume & Interview Skills Ready

At the end of the day, an IT company’s hiring spree is like a normal hiring routine, but much, much faster.

Knowing that your interviews and future managers want to move quickly will help you present the most impressive aspects of yourself that position you as a company fit and a go-getter.

If you know of an IT company who’s hiring soon and you want to make sure your resume and interview skills are good enough to stand out during a hiring spree, check out our Career Services for our career workshops, individual advising, and job networks.