Big Changes Coming to the CCNA… Why You Should Certify Now!

Big Changes Coming to the CCNA… Why You Should Certify Now!

Starting in early 2020, huge changes are coming to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. The CCNA certification has been an industry standard for years, but it’s time for an update. Read on to find out what changes are coming for CCNA and how it might affect you.

If you want to read the full FAQ, you can get it here. For the highlights, check out our TL;DR version below! Cisco also created a fancy infographic with a lot of great information.New CCNA Infographic


Why is the CCNA changing?

The CCNA is evolving to meet new networking and employer demands. Cisco has been pushing for advancements in the way networking is done. It’s all about “Unleashing the full capabilities of the new network” which requires new skills, including programming. Cisco also wants to make sure the CCNA is as relevant as possible and meets employer demands.

What’s changing about CCNA?

CCENT and CCNA are now consolidated into a single certification, “one comprehensive exam that covers entry-level networking skills across technologies, such as basic IP fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, and basics of automation and network programmability, and security fundamental skills.”

Those who complete their CCNA will be able to pursue further certifications at the specialist, professional (CCNP) and expert (CCIE) levels. Concentration exams at the professional level allow specialization in different areas of networking.

At the professional level, users will need to take a core exam and their choice of concentration exam in the same technology track.  At the expert level, users will need to take a core exam the corresponding lab exam. Specialist certifications will be awarded for passing any written, proctored exam, with the exception of associate level exams.

Options for concentrations include:

When is this change coming?

New certification exams, including those for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and Specialist certifications will be available February 24, 2020. Continuing education will be available for CCNA, Cisco Certified Specialist and CCNP beginning February 24, 2020. You’ll be able to start earning training badges for courses completed after February 24, 2020.

LeaderQuest will be offering updated course content for the new exam starting the first week of 2020. If you’re interested, get in touch here.

What new certifications are coming?

Two new certifications will be added to the Cisco family: DevNet Associate and DevNet Professional.

DevNet certifications are a subset of Cisco certifications, intended to validate software skills, such as programming, application development, DevOps and automation.

These new offerings will help unlock the full capabilities of the new network by educating network infrastructure engineers and software developers in application development, automation, DevOps, Cloud, and IoT.

Why it’s urgent to consider getting your CCENT/CCNA now

If you’ve been preparing for the exam, now is the time to complete your studies and take the exam! If you wait too long, you’ll have to start all over again studying for the new, combined CCNA that will be released at the end of February 2020. Don’t lose the head start you already have earned toward becoming certified and accelerating your career.

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