“Techies,” or people who are enthusiastic about and/or specialize in computer related technology is a group that is growing by the day as almost every aspect of human life becomes automated and IoT evolves. There are IT specialists, computer technologists, programmers, software developers, etc. as well as other less formal techies such as gamers and “YouTubers” among many others.

Being an IT professional comes with its share of good and bad moments. Before technology became widespread, techies were simply nerds with socialization issues. Now the tables have turned, techies are still considered nerds, but all of a sudden, these nerds are cool! Once lonely techies are turning their phones off and locking their doors to get away from the incessant requests to “help” with their friend’s, family’s, and neighbor’s computers, phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cars, and more! All of a sudden, old acquaintances and grade school classmates are jockeying for a “friend” title.

With all of this new fame and glamour associated with technology, you may be considering whether being a “techie” is for you! Whether you are just starting your professional career or considering changing your career, here are some pros and cons to ponder.

1. Good Pay

There is no standard payment for all tech jobs. As much as IT employees of a company such as UBER probably earn decent salaries, they still do not make Mark Zuckerberg money. However, with increasing demand for technology, the biggest advantage by far of having a job in IT is that technical services attract relatively high payments in corporate, government and freelance positions. According to the Dice Salary Survey, 2015 saw the largest overall salary increase ever for IT pros! View some of the highest-paying IT certifications.

2. Spoiled for Choice

People in the technology industry are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to identifying which type of business they want to work in. In today’s world, every industry consumes IT services from healthcare to automotive, beauty to travel, the possibilities are endless. Literally, every industry you can think of needs tech workers! IT professionals get the chance to have upwards career mobility at very early ages or they can choose IT consulting or teaching.

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. ~Bill Gates

3. Career Growth

Techies never have to worry about becoming obsolete. We have not yet even scratched the surface of the magnitude of technology. Every day there are new advancements in the IT field that require skilled professional IT workers. If you are looking for a career change, you need to take a long hard look at the tech world. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the average growth of the industry at 18% through 2020. Everyone has the potential to grow in technical careers and earn more money with that growth.

4. A Feeling of Self Worth

Working in a career of your choice AND being appreciated is the most fulfilling ever. Employers recognize techs at every level of employment. They handle delicate parts of an organization. If they slacked on their tech jobs they would affect all operations. It is these same techs who train other employees on resolving every day issues on their own or improve processes making productivity soar. Keeping up with the technological trends is a daily job for a tech. They learn new software and about new applications. The continuous process of learning earns them many accolades, which increase their value.


But of course, you have to take the bitter with the sweet! Technology careers aren’t for everyone. Examining some of the cons that are part of an IT job description will help you decide if this career is for you.

5. Constant Complaints and Requests

Technology is not one of those skills that everyone in a company has. People can be very oblivious to and sometimes ignorant of technology. Tech employees are not lonely! There will always be many complaints and requests from your colleagues, probably for things that are not even covered in your job description. By the time you troubleshoot one computer, the other one switched off and the owner is convinced the machine has crashed when actually they unplugged the power cord when they stepped on it! The job can be very complicated and frustrating and requires patience. In a freelance scenario, people may undermine your work to try to get away without paying.

6. Specialization

Ordinary people do not understand the entire technological mumble jumble. They assume a techie can solve any technical problem. They do not know the many tech specialties. There are application programmers, web developers, cyber security specialists, network administrators, desktop support specialists, system administrators and more! They may assume you are not qualified if they don’t understand your specialization, experience, and qualifications.

7. Long Hours, Odd Hours

Technologists are always busy. In general, IT workers can have long working hours at least some of the time. Systems are not likely to break or cause problems when it is convenient for everyone which can cause long and odd work hours. Being in IT can affect your social and family life, sleep routines, activities, etc. depending on the job and responsibilities.

8. Tech Dependency

Techies are technology dependent. Their problem-solving skills revolve around gadgets and they like it that way! Some IT pros may not be the greatest at customer and co-worker relations. Long hours of facing a computer screen and problem solving can cut into rest or sleep time and make them irritable.

Cons of being an IT professional9. Pressure

In the tech field, regardless of your specialization, you will work under a lot of pressure. Take a situation where a bank system goes down. All tech staff who works for that bank cannot and will not rest until they have fixed the issue. Many industries such as banking and healthcare have vital systems and techs can count on working extra hours under intense pressure. Everyone else will pack up and leave on time, but the tech will have to stay and look for all possible solutions to the problem to make sure everything is working properly. But doesn’t it feel nice to be the solution and not the problem??


Despite the cons, technology careers remain the course of the future. There is much more to learn and discover in this field and it will continue to grow for many years. Being an IT professional is a good path for talented and creative youths and career changers alike. If you know you have what it takes to handle the cons, why not start a career in IT today?

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