Many of you reading this blog, the LeaderQuest website, the Project Management Institute website, and other websites, may be wondering, “Couldn’t I just read A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and pass the PMP® exam?” You may be asking, “Do I really need to spend several days in a project management professional (PMP®) preparation course?” And you also may be thinking, “Could I save money by studying and preparing for the PMP® certification on my own?”

These are all very good questions…

As an experienced project management instructor with over 15 years of teaching and mentoring under my belt, I would highly recommend taking a PMP® class – including paying the tuition for the class AND spending the time in a class. And here are a few reasons why…

Project Management Training Makes Study Time More Efficient

Most of my past PMP® students lack the formal project management training to understand and learn the PMBOK® Guide material in order to pass the test. A PMP® prep course will speed up the learning process and make the study time efficient, which actually SAVES you time!

Fly through the Cumbersome PMP® Exam Application Process

Many candidates have questions about completing the application process and receiving approval from PMI® to take the certification exam. A good PMP® prep class will explain the application process in detail and provide support with that process after the course is complete so that students receive approval in a timely manner to take the certification exam.

Additional PMP® Class Resources

Many students do not realize that the PMBOK® Guide is not the only source for PMP® certification exam content! The test is based on the PMBOK® Guide and other current titles in project management. A good preparation course will provide you with help with the additional content beyond the PMBOK® Guide and help you understand the PMBOK® Guide completely.

Increase your Chances for Success

Students who attempt to study for the PMP® exam on their own have a significantly less first-pass success rate than those students who take a PMP® prep course. Many students become frustrated after failing the exam the first time and do not EVER re-take the exam and earn their certification. For those who do re-take the exam, candidates have spent extra money in PMP® certification fees to re-take the exam and have wasted critical time in the preparation process. Here at LeaderQuest, the first-time pass rate for students who take our PMP® prep course is over 99%!

So in short, set yourself up for success. No one wants to be the frustrated, resentful student who attends the PMP® prep course after failing the test the first time! This student typically has a much harder time re-learning the materials and has blocks in their learning process caused by the emotional pain of failing the test. This failure and frustration can be avoided by getting help the first time around.

Passing the PMP® certification exam is a challenging and worthwhile achievement. By taking the PMP® prep course, preparing to take the exam, and receiving the support and guidance you need to be successful, you can successfully and efficiently obtain your PMP® certification.

To learn more about the LeaderQuest Project Management Course complete with PMP® Certification prep click here! We have classes in several different locations and different times to meet your busy schedule.

Good luck and hope to see YOU in my next PMP® course!

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