It’s that industry that’s changing so quickly that the phone you bought this time last year is already out of date.

Nothing else evolves that quickly. Not even fashion.

And when things are constantly changing and updating for a better, more efficient world, it’s hard to imagine a day when you’re job would be anything less than exciting. (Maybe a tad stressful, but at least not boring.)

Which is a lot more than you can say about your current day job… the one where you show up to your cubicle or work station and just pound away at the keys while you watch the clock count down to your morning break, then lunch, then your afternoon break, until it’s finally quitting time.

This happens day after day, week after week, month after month, and you’re tired of it.

You dream of a career that’s fast-paced, change-ridden, and interesting. You dream of a career in tech.

And even though you don’t have a resume that’s full of tech roles and cool tech accomplishments, you can still land a job at your dream company. Just take the advice of these top tech recruiters:

Hang Out on Social Media

Ok, admittedly, this requires a lot more thought and action than mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed, but interacting with your dream companies on social media can be a great way to make a really good first impression.

“We look for people who engage with our brand on Twitter and Instagram,” said Michelle Davey, Favor’s Talent Manager.

It’s obvious if you want a job that you should be reaching out and interacting on LinkedIn, but teams like Favor look for tech fans who go the extra mile to interact because they know they’re more likely to be the ones dedicated to the company.

Make Your Accomplishments Crystal Clear

“I’m just looking for someone who can clearly define what their accomplishments were,” said Michael Bright, a Senior Recruiter at Amobee.

“Do they have a clearly defined career plan and are they taking the right steps to get there? It’s ok if they have made a few mistakes because a lot of people do, but we don’t want people who just float through their career.”

When you can clearly define the things you’ve accomplished and how they’ve helped propel your career forward, you distinguish yourself as a job candidate who knows how to push forward through hard times and how has the big picture in mind. So make sure your resume and cover letter clearly outline these things.

Go For a More Entry-Level Position than the One You Have Now

“Accept that you’re not as senior as you think you are,” said Aaron Shapiro, CEO of Huge.

“Individuals switching industries need to start with a more junior role,” he went on to say. “Invest time to learn the business and the pay cut won’t last long.”

Even if you use technology in your current job role, don’t make the mistake of assuming that your IT skills or know-how in your current industry are directly transferable to tech.

The way emerging tech companies do business is often totally different and more scaled-back on in-house investments than large, traditional corporations. It’ll take you some time to learn the ropes of how to manage, but as Shapiro said, once you get the hang of it, your “demotion” won’t last long.

Skip the Tech-Heavy Jobs & Go for a Business Support Role

You don’t have to wait around until you have a tech degree or IT certification to start working in the tech industry. Read “How These 3 IT Professionals Landed Their Dream Jobs!

In fact, you can start looking around for IT jobs now that reflect your current education and experience so you can move over into the tech sphere either before or during your courses to become certified in the role of your dreams.

“Go for the positions that make the business run: accounts, business development, marketing, HR, recruiting, payroll, operations, advises Jessie Pressman, Founder of Bite Size Learning.

Take a Month Off to Complete a High-End Technical School Training or an IT Certification Training Program

Another option, if you’ve totally checked out of your old job and absolutely can’t stand another day, is to go ahead and quit and take a one-month sabbatical to study towards an IT certification that’ll make you job-ready in one month or less. In case you missed it, check out “Must Have Tech Skills for 2016.”

The best part is, once you’re done with your IT training and IT certification, you’ll be able to take advantage of the LeaderQuest Career Services department for help getting your resume and interviewing skills into top condition and search for jobs that you’re ready and qualified to apply for.

Stop Thinking: Just Act

The most important thing, though, is to remember that a career in tech doesn’t happen by just thinking and day-dreaming about it. Still not sure you’re ready? Read “8 Signs It’s Time to Take a Step Forward in Your Career

Instead, you need to lay out a few first steps for yourself to take, and actually take action. You might not get everything 100% right your first try, but creating forward motion and momentum is so important to getting over the stumbling blocks and making sure you can leave your boring job for your dream career.


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