LeaderQuest is proud to announce that we have reached a memorandum of understanding with Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) for the benefit of students and employees from both of our schools!

Memorandum of Understanding Benefits

Claremont Lincoln University has agreed to provide a 10% scholarship for any CLU Masters degree program to any LeaderQuest student or employee that has completed all coursework towards their baccalaureate degree.

LeaderQuest will offer a 10% reduction in program cost to any CLU employee or student interested in our IT training and certification programs. That’s a lot of upside!

Train at LeaderQuest and Save 10%!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this agreement, please contact us or your representative at CLU.

LeaderQuest offers accelerated training on IT and cyber security to help aspiring professionals break into the industry or advance their careers. With instructor mentor support, devoted career services, and flexible scheduling, there’s never been a better time to get trained!