If you have any interest in technical or IT training, or you just keep an eye on the headlines, you’ve probably heard a number of private for-profit colleges closing their doors. We understand that adults who are seeking higher education options to begin or better their careers have many training options. The choices, costs, and funding routes can be overwhelming and even frustrating. Hearing devastating news about career training institutions just adds doubt and confusion to the mix.

Our family here at LeaderQuest believes this is a great opportunity to offer you a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse of our school, our company culture and values, and how we are insanely committed to getting our students impactful, life-changing results!

A Little Background…

LeaderQuest was established in Denver in 2003 with the primary purpose of providing higher education in IT and related disciplines to US military veterans, unemployed job seekers, and career changers at various stages in their careers. We’ve grown since then to four campuses in three states, and we’re still growing. We’ve made a special emphasis on offering IT certification training that directly leads to achieving industry certification in a number of high-value IT disciplines and job roles.

While we are assuredly a for-profit enterprise, profit is only one of our objectives. And while it may sound a bit un-businesslike to say it, profit is nowhere near the top of our list of daily priorities, and isn’t even mentioned in our core purpose or core values:

The LeaderQuest Core Purpose and our Values

We create meaningful outcomes that impact lives and are committed to being world-class in everything we do!

Accountability: We are focused on achieving our objectives and helping others around us achieve theirs. We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We use our time, talents and resources effectively.

Customer Focused: We provide superior and timely services to our clients. We go out of our way to accommodate clients who need more support. We continually strive to uphold and improve our reputation for excellence.

Integrity: We are respectful and transparent in the way we treat everyone. We promote a positive environment where people feel valued and secure. We are committed to not just doing things, but doing them the right way.

Passionate: We are immersed in our business and perform our work with love and great attention to detail. We are vested in the journey and outcome of each of our Colleagues and Students.

Resourceful: We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to challenges. We are forward thinking. We understand that change is normal and we handle the stress of change with pragmatism and poise. We trust our instincts. We are flexible, adaptable and able to learn from our experiences. We push for continuous improvement.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve objectives. We understand that our success as individuals is maximized by the success of the business. We do our work with superior quality and timeliness. We collaborate by sharing ideas and information. We welcome healthy conflict. We give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism. We appreciate the strengths of all people and use that to maintain positive working relationships.

Now more than ever, LeaderQuest is all about student outcomes and value. We’ve hired Employer Relations Managers for each Campus that are solely focused on working with our students and local employers to produce what our students want – jobs.  We take our students’ prospective IT careers (and lives!) into sincere consideration in our planning and execution.

How We Create our IT Career Training Programs

When we consider whether to offer a new IT training program, we first research and evaluate what IT career prospects are out there for prospective students and graduates in that program. Is Cyber Security Specialist an IT career that’s currently in high demand, or expected to be in high demand in the next year or so? What specific skills and associated certifications are relevant? What special insights can our staff and instructors offer in these courses that help students be ready to hit the ground running? How can we make our students stand out in the competitive hiring landscape?

We do not encourage or accept prospective students who are, frankly, unlikely to succeed in our program or in their desired IT positions. IT is a demanding and highly technical field which requires a deep level of both financial and personal commitment. We gauge our employees’ success by final outcomes, not filled seats.

LeaderQuest Application, Enrollment, and Financial Aid Processes

To ensure this good fit between a prospective student and our IT training programs, we first meet with and interview each candidate to learn about his or her goals and interests, formal training and IT education, on-the-job or other relevant experience, and specific technical strengths and areas for improvement. We also work to understand the level of commitment the candidate is willing or able to make to complete the courses and exams successfully. We offer day and night classes, always with live instructors to accommodate the scheduling needs of the candidate as well as possible.

Given all the information available to us, if LeaderQuest can help the candidate achieve their IT training goals, we customize an IT training program proposal best suited for that candidate. The program plan must, of course, include a funding plan. When the student’s IT training program can potentially be funded by military or other government education grants, those funding agencies participate in the decision process for whether the candidate is a good match for the program we propose.

If the candidate is not eligible for such funding, and is not able to self-fund the program, and must seek a higher education loan, our third-party lending partner Climb Credit participates in the decision process with us. The last thing we want is to saddle a student with higher education loan debt that does not lead to a positive career outcome.

On those occasions when we conclude that LeaderQuest’s programs are not a good match for the candidate, for whatever reason, we regretfully inform them and do what we can to help them find a more suitable path forward.

Why are LeaderQuest Students So Successful at Finding Fulfilling IT Jobs?

Once we do accept a candidate as a student in one of our IT programs, our Client Services team goes to work to ensure that the student will have all the resources they’ll need to complete the program successfully. We keep an eye on their attendance and level of participation in class. We work closely with the instructor to identify, and resolve if possible, any issues that may prevent a positive outcome. We solicit and act on student and instructor feedback about what we can do to improve the overall learning experience.

IT Career Training ResultsWhen students successfully complete their IT program, our IT Career Services team follows up with information and resources that will help the student identify and apply for suitable IT career positions. Our Employer Relationship Managers work directly with IT employers in their respective locations to connect our graduates with high-value IT career positions offered by those employers.
The companies who hire our graduates know that they can expect
a standard of excellence and commitment that they need for the success of their own businesses. Our own business’s reputation is made by how well each of our students contributes to the success of their employer.

We regularly post jobs to our LinkedIn Technical Professionals group – be sure to join today!

Dedication, Perseverance, Commitment

Reflecting back on our core purpose and values, LeaderQuest is proud of the work we do, and we’re proud of the way we do it. Our mission is all about helping committed students obtain and improve their IT skill sets to be able to land IT career positions best suited to them. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our internal operations so that each of our staff members has the tools and other resources needed to assist students through the entire learning process. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in dealing with our students, instructors, employers, state and federal agencies, and any other entities we work with in the course of our operations.

When we see that other higher education organizations appear not to maintain the same high standards that we do, our first concern is for their students and for others who may have committed their time, money, and other resources under false hopes and expectations.

But we also are obligated to those who have placed their trust in us, or who are considering doing so, to show that their trust is not and will not be misplaced.  We encourage anyone with any questions about how LeaderQuest operates to read more about us on our website. And if your questions aren’t answered there, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always thrilled to provide information and rationale for how we go about creating positive outcomes for our students!


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