Meet Lester Carrejo

Lester Carrejo enlisted in the Army in 1985 with the intention of staying for 4 years. 24 years later (as the story goes for many), Sergeant First Class Lester Carrejo retired from the Army. Starting his family later in life, Lester had a wife and three young children upon retirement and quickly realized his pension just wasn’t going to cut it. Read our short story about how Lester succeeded to not only secure employment quickly, but continue to work his way up the ladder to be the success he is today.

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The Job Search Begins

– 2011

In 2010 Lester retired from the Army as Sergeant First Class. With a wife and three young children to support, Lester began contemplating his transition into the civilian workforce.

Feeling confident about his 20+ years of military service and training, Lester set out on his job hunt and quickly realized that his skill set did not contain the training, certifications, and experience that companies were looking for. With bills piling up, family stress increasing, and gainful employment seemingly light years away, Lester remained unemployed.

Opportunity Knocks

Lester began attending job fairs looking for opportunities. He learned of a one year contract position with Dyncorp in Afghanistan. While hungry for the position, he learned that he was not qualified and needed to secure additional training quickly in order to be considered.

Lester Meets LeaderQuest

At one of the local job fairs in Colorado Springs, Lester met Chase from LeaderQuest. He described the job opportunity and the skills he was looking to attain. Chase immediately recognized the skills Dyncorp was looking for and presented a training plan for Lester to be completed within a few weeks which would secure this overseas position.Learn More About LeaderQuest

Skeptical to Employable

“Chase always reassured me that once I got trained job offers would come flying in and he wasn’t kidding!”

Lester was skeptical. How could he possibly get the training he needed in a few weeks? LeaderQuest put Lester at ease and assured him that the training we proposed would give him the skills needed to secure the overseas position he was seeking – and ALL VA funded!After all, that’s why we’re here…to help YOU.

Training Begins

– March 2011

After a couple of meetings, Lester was enrolled at LeaderQuest in the Desktop Support Specialist (Windows 7) training program with MCSA certification prep.View All of LeaderQuest’s Career Training Programs

Job Secured!

– Summer 2011

After completing his Windows IT training and certifications, Lester was hired by Dyncorp for a one year contract position overseas in Afghanistan.

Missing Family and Friends

– Summer 2012

In 2012, Lester’s overseas job concluded. Missing his family and friends and not wanting to miss his children growing up, Lester chose to come home and not renew his contract for another year overseas.

We Got Your 6

The Job Search Begins Again

– Fall 2012

Immediately upon his return, Lester contacted LeaderQuest for help with his new job search. Lester knew from his previous experience that it was much easier to find a job and acquire necessary skills with LeaderQuest on his side rather than “going it alone.”

After reviewing the current job market with LeaderQuest career services, Lester chose to enroll in LeaderQuest’s Computer User Support Specialist program where he prepared for and then achieved his DOD 8570 compliant CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications.

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Employment Secured!

– Winter 2012

Within three months of returning from Afghanistan, Lester completed training, achieved certifications, and secured a position with Verizon. He experienced a pay increase of almost 40% with his new position!

Current Update

“Everything I’ve done is because of you guys. I am grateful.”

Since completing his training at LeaderQuest in 2012, Lester has achieved his CCNA certification and completed his Master’s Degree! He is happily residing in Colorado and now works at Serco as a Network Engineer with a 40%+ salary increase from his Verizon position! Learn how in a few short months, you can receive quality training and earn high demand certifications to secure your employment future!

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