Eric was working as a Systems Administrator for a managed services provider when he got laid off. Struggling to make ends meet, he took a job transporting cars from repo to auction. Eric knew he wanted to continue his career in IT, but he needed to add some information technology education and a new certification to his resume to get there.

Read on to find out about Eric’s path to success, and how LeaderQuest’s IT programs can help you quickly get hired in an IT role.


Laid Off

July 15th, 2015

Eric was unemployed for over six months, with no response from employers in the IT industry. That’s when one of our Career Advisors contacted him about training opportunities that could help him get hired.

Eric decided to come in for a tour of the campus and to talk with LeaderQuest about how we might help him find funding for his education.



Enter: LeaderQuest

March 25th, 2016

Our knowledgeable Career Training Consultant, Orlando Dumas, helped Eric sign up for night classes to help him get his Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification. He was able to secure funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) with the help of Orlando and set a start date of April 11th. Thanks to WIOA funding, Eric didn’t have to pay out of pocket for his classes.

Our goal, and Eric’s, was to get him the training he needed so that he could get back to work in It as quickly as possible. Our classes are designed to cover the subject matter thoroughly and in-depth so that students feel prepared to take their IT certification exams and ready to take on a new IT role after that! LeaderQuest no longer offers MCSA certification, but if you’re interested in starting an IT career we have many program options for you.


IT Training Begins

April 4th, 2016

“I enjoyed the classes very much, especially because the labs are very detailed and you actually do the thing instead of just reading about it!”

Eric was able to continue his day job while taking online IT courses at night with LeaderQuest. Eric told us that his instructor, Rick, was very knowledgeable.

All of our online courses are taught by a live instructor and include all of the labs and content that would be included in a LeaderQuest classroom. We pride ourselves on running engaging, content-first courses that give students breadth and depth of knowledge, regardless of the online or in-person format of the class.

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Job Offer

July 10th, 2016

Within a month of completing his certification, Eric got an employment offer from a contractor supplying workers for Microsoft. He was able to quit his day job and begin work full time as an IT contractor. His IT certification was the key to finding employment in the industry he was interested in.

In fact, the information technology industry is growing at an amazing rate which means the demand for workers will only grow. The US Dept. of Labor predicts a 12% growth rate for computer support specialists and similar growth rates for other IT job roles. Interested in cyber security? You’re in luck! The US Dept. of Labor predicts a whopping 18% growth rate for information security analysts! LeaderQuest can help you get the training you need to qualify for highly in-demand roles like these!


Current Update:

After a couple months, Eric was promoted to help train other workers. He’s making $23k per year more than he was making when he got laid off and expects to increase his salary even more as his role changes over the next 2-3 months. Eric told us that he expects this job to open up even more opportunities for him in the IT field.


Way to go, Eric! We love to see job seekers succeed in their job search and excel in their new role. Do you have questions or comments about Eric’s story? Leave them below!


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