If you study at LeaderQuest, you’ll get the benefit of studying with our Instructor Mentor, an on-campus resource for one on one coaching and tutoring. Each Instructor Mentor is an experienced, certified, technical trainer who is scheduled to teach only half of the time. The rest of their time is spent supporting students and helping to prepare them for exams.

This role represents LeaderQuest’s commitment to helping students at every step of their IT training journey. While some students excel at their exams without any aid, we recognized that others needed a stronger support system. Our classes give students all the knowledge they need to pass their exams, but some students may need to study more to feel confident while taking the test.

Instructor Mentor Responsibilities

The Instructor Mentor supports students after completion of class through successful completion of exams. To do this, they have an open door for students who need individual help, set up study groups, and create exam prep classes. Instructor Mentors work from approximately 1pm – 10pm so they can support both day and night students.

In addition to the above activities, Instructor Mentors also proactively identify and engage students that are having any difficulties and work with them to overcome these obstacles with personalized tools and strategies.

Since starting our Instructor Mentor program, we’ve seen improvements in overall student satisfaction, increased exam pass rates, and increased employment rates. Students are better able to handle the material and exams through having a personal coach who is experienced and understands how difficult and stressful exams can be. Mentors create personalized study plans that cater to the individual learner increasing their opportunity for a successful career in IT.

Methods of Student Support

The Instructor Mentor supports the students through five different avenues. Each student can take advantage of this resource in the way that best fits their schedule and learning style.

1:1 Tutoring

The Instructor Mentor will be available for one-on-one study sessions as needed. Students can schedule this time within office hours, and can meet with the mentor online or in person.

Creating Study Plans with Touch Points

A plan that is created with the Instructor Mentor and the student leading up to taking the exam. These are designed to help the student cover all of the skills and study topics needed to pass their exam with confidence.

Touchpoints can include:

  • Completion of labs at 80% or higher
  • Completion of exam prep questions at 80% or higher
  • An exam date goal

Group Study Sessions

Instructor mentors will schedule regular group study sessions where students can help each other study with the guidance of their Instructor Mentor.

Exam Prep Classes

Our first prep class is the Advanced Security+ exam prep class. This class has increased the Security exam pass rate by 17% since implementation in 2018! In the near future, the creation of an exam prep class for each course we offer will be in place and taught by Instructor Mentors.

Skills Labs

Instructor Mentors teach skills labs to make sure students have achieved mastery of the necessary application of the knowledge learned in the classroom. For example, a PC Build Lab has been implemented to allow students to build a PC from scratch and then troubleshoot the PC. Hands on application is important for students to gain confidence as they strive for a career in IT.

Meet our 2020 Instructor Mentors

Ronald Clanton – Colorado Springs Campus

Specialty: Business IT Support

Education: Colorado Technical University – American Military University – Western Governors University – Intellitec College – University of Phoenix – DeVry University

Industry Experience: Business IT support for an array of companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

Certifications: CompTIA, CIW, Google, CEE, ConnectWise

Courses Taught at LeaderQuest: CompTIA A+

Career/Skill Focus: IT Support Technician

Fun Facts: Ronald Clanton is a US Army veteran that sits on the Board of Directors for Quantum Affect Technology Innovation

More About Ronald: Ronald has created several patents and wrote the code for new and upcoming inventors. Ronald also is the webmaster of a scholarship program for all high schools in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Khozema “KJ” Raja – Dallas Campus

Specialty: Network Administration & Security

Education: BA in Business University of Texas Austin

Certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, ITIL Foundation

Courses Taught at LeaderQuest: CompTIA A+

Career/Skill Focus: Network Administration & Security

Fun Facts: KJ is addicted to great coffee and imports Yemeni coffee. A former LeaderQuest student, KJ completed the curriculum and certifications in a very short period of time and has returned to mentor students. His goal is to help them quickly pass their certification exams.

More About KJ: Starting in 2004, after KJ graduated from UT Austin, he successfully co-founded a startup real estate website. In 2006 he founded of his own startup real estate website. KJ has consulted on e-commerce platforms including Wholly Guacamole. He completed a government contract for DFW Technologies as a Support Specialist with Trinity River Authority.

Troy Athmann – Denver Tech Center Campus

Specialty: Networking, System Admin, SharePoint Admin/Dev/Deployment

Education: AA in Architectural Drafting & Design – Northwest Tech Inst, MN

Certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, ITIL Foundation, SAIR Linux Administration

Courses Taught at LeaderQuest: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+

Fun Facts: Troy is a novelist with two published cyber-espionage/warfare novels: In Plain Sight and Firestorm. You can check them out at http://www.greggardnerbooks.com. He enjoys travelling (especially in Europe), fishing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

Career Focus: IT Consultant and Instructor

Fun Facts: The first 20 years of Troy’s life were in Minnesota, 25+ years in the Army, and now nearly 20 years in Colorado.  He’s a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Gophers, and hockey. Troy loves to play golf.

More About Troy: Retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant. Troy has done IT consulting for various businesses in the Denver Metro area and Northern Colorado for the past 10 years. He spent 5 years traveling around the country to several Army deployment centers setting up completely self-contained classified networks, with up to 350 client stations, switches, routers, cabling, 30 network printers and 17 servers. He has been digging into the IT world, since getting a Commodore 64, when they first came out.

Jay Walker – Jacksonville Campus

Education: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Western Governor’s University

Certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Project+, CompTIA Linux+, Powered by LPI, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, ITIL Foundation

Courses Taught at LeaderQuest: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+

Fun Facts: Jay enjoys running and attending live music events.

More About Jay: Jay understands the unique challenges associated with returning to the academic environment as an adult, and is vested in every student’s success.


James Wofford – San Antonio Campus

Education: Bachelors of Applied Science and Technologies, Wayland Baptist University

Certifications: CompTIA A+ CE, CompTIA Security+ CE

Courses Taught at LeaderQuest: CompTIA A+

Fun Facts: Video Games and A.I. are some of his passions. Favorite movies are WarGames and Flight of the Navigator.

More About James: Growing up, James was introduced to computers along with Pascal and FORTRAN at a very young age. The continual desire to gobble more information fueled his curiosity of computer systems. James spent most of his childhood traveling around the world with his parents in the military. While in the Air Force he worked on nuclear weapon systems and space facilities, and was a systems analyst.

Spirit Animal: Wolf

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