At LeaderQuest, our students come from all walks of life. Christopher Ogunsakin knew from a young age that he was interested in I.T., but it his journey to an I.T. career was not a direct one. Read on or watch the video below to learn about how Chris came to LeaderQuest and found career success.

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Learning About I.T. in Nigeria

Chris grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and as a child he didn’t have a lot of access to computers at home. His brother, who was also curious about information technology, brought home a laptop that got Chris interested.

“I’ve always been interested in I.T. from a very young age. Growing up in Nigeria, I didn’t have a lot of computer resources, but my brother was interested in I.T. He bought a laptop, thankfully. And that was how I got started. He would let me play on his laptop.”

He took some computer classes in school in Nigeria. He didn’t have to study like his friends did, and that was when he realized his aptitude for I.T.

Moving to America

Chris moved to Denver, Colorado from Nigeria in 2011. He moved to the United States by himself and had to walk everywhere, pay his own bills, and go to school. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and has been in the reserves since then. Chris also enrolled at Metro State for Computer Science, but wasn’t able to translate that experience into a role in I.T. Instead, he was driving for Lyft and Uber as his main source of income, often for five or more hours a day.

“Before coming to LeaderQuest I was an Uber driver. Before that I was a delivery driver. That was easy for me to do, and honestly it was a great job for me. But the thing is, I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to continue doing for the rest of my life. It had to be temporary.”

During this time, a recruiter came into Chris’ unit during an Army Reserve monthly drill. He gave info about resources that the Army can help with, including educational assistance. When Chris asked about training for I.T., the recruiter referred him to LeaderQuest.

Exploring Training Options

Chris came in to LeaderQuest to learn about our training options at an informational session with a Career Training Consultant. Chris told his Career Training Consultant that he wanted to focus on cyber security. They went over his background in T.T. and the classes he’d need to take. Considering his experience from Metro State, they decided that the best course of action would be to move directly to Security+ and skip some of the earlier courses in our Computer User Support Specialist program.

CompTIA Security+ Training at LeaderQuest

Chris completed his CompTIA Security+ over two weeks, online, in the evening. In this way he was able to continue driving for Uber and paying bills while attending LeaderQuest. Our training courses are intensive and instructor-led, and run either one week full-time (8 hours of instruction per day) or over two weeks in the evenings (4 hours per day).

“Overall, it was a great experience. What I appreciated mainly was just that the instructor was there to answer any questions you have. He would be on before and after class to answer any questions you have.”

CompTIA Security+ is one of our most popular courses. This course teaches students the fundamentals of cyber security. Students will learn to…

  • Monitor the security infrastructure and identify security threats
  • Harden internal systems and services and internetwork devices and services
  • Secure network communications and enforce an organizational security policy
  • Manage a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificates

Most importantly, Security+ is in high demand with employers in I.T. and cyber security! According to Accenture’s 2019 cybercrime report, incidence of cyber attacks has risen 11% since last year, and the average cost of cybercrime for each company increased from US$11.7 million in 2017 to a new high of US$13.0 million. As companies and organizations look to secure themselves from cyber attacks, more qualified individuals are needed to fill these roles. LeaderQuest is proud to help train the next generation of cyber security specialists to help combat the rising tide of cyber crime.

Career Services & Getting Hired

“If I have to say the most useful resource I got from LeaderQuest, it would probably be Steve.”

After completing his Security+ training, while studying for the exam, Chris started working with our Denver campus’ Employment Development Manager, Stephen Wright. Stephen works closely with our graduates to help them find the kind of jobs they’re looking for, and make sure that their resume and interview skills are top-notch. Stephen also makes connections with local employers who are looking to hire for their I.T. or cyber security workforce.

“I would definitely recommend LeaderQuest, and here’s why. For me it was a big challenge when it comes to: Now I’ve gotten the skills, now I have the certificate. How do I go out there and sell myself to employers as a candidate they want to hire? So, Stephen Wright went above and beyond. Any questions I had about a job, he was there. He was always there. He was my go-to for everything, and I think that was a huge resource. Anybody who needs help in that area would benefit as well.”

Chris kept driving for Uber while he looked for work in cyber security. After a few months, he was able to secure an interview with the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. He worked with Stephen to prepare for the interview, and he got the job! In May of 2019 he was hired as a Cybersecurity Specialist, and he’s loving his new job.

“A lot of people would look at my story and say I’m very lucky, but I put in a lot of work for myself. When I had interviews I knew I would be asked questions. I couldn’t make it up, I needed to know the answers.”

Start a New Career in I.T. or Cyber Security

“After getting my new job, I only drive for Uber when I want to because it’s something I like to do. When I get off work it’s an option, it’s no longer a necessity. Now I’m using my skills, using my brain, doing what I love to do. I don’t get tired of doing that.”

With some certification training and a lot of hard work, Chris was able to pursue his dream of working in the I.T. field. LeaderQuest is proud to have been able to help him take a few steps along the way, and provide the support he needed to get hired and start his career.

If you’re interested in starting a career in I.T., we can help you too! LeaderQuest training provides the a career jump start for aspiring tech practitioners. We offer:

  • Accelerated training that takes months instead of years
  • Online courses and flexible scheduling to work around your life
  • Live instructors with years of industry experience
  • Instructor Mentors available for 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Career Services support to help you actually get HIRED once training is complete
  • Multiple ways to finance training so that you can start now

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, contact LeaderQuest today!