From Equifax to Uber to WannaCry, the dangers of unsecured data have never been more apparent. While organizations are hungry for cyber security talent, a good cyber security professional is hard to find.

But the cyber skills gap goes even deeper than you might think. In this, “Assessing the IT Skills Gap,” downloadable from CompTIA, you’ll learn just how many organizations feel sunk on cyber security.

Read on for the problem with the skills gap, why you should care, and how it can be solved.

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What’s Wrong

The numbers speak for themselves. By 2019, the nonprofit group ISACA predicts a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals. Meanwhile, an estimated 240,000 information security analysts and other cyber roles go unfilled every year, according to CyberSeek.

Is the cyber security skills gap growing?

“Organizations rank data security as the most pressing cybersecurity skills gap domain, reflecting the growing importance of data across every industry sector of the economy.”

–“Assessing the Cyber Skills Gap”, CompTIA

Despite the fact that nearly 6 in 10 large-size firms report a growing gap, only 1 in 3 organizations has a formal plan in place to address these changes. The remaining two-thirds have only an informal process if they have one at all.

Why It Matters

One of the biggest ways this gap has manifested is through high profile hacks, leaks, and more. However, that’s not the only reason that skills gaps are bad for business.

Ways Cyber Security Skills Gap Negatively Affects Business

Such gaps hold businesses back from achieving further success, and negative impacts from the skills gap have been reported in 94 percent of organizations surveyed. Moreover, more than half of businesses report lower staff productivity while one-third experience lower sales or profitability.

How We Can Fix It

Most employers are focused on improving their current IT staff in the short-term rather than thinking about the future. With the looming retirement of almost 800,000 IT workers through 2024, this problem is only going to get worse.

Top Cited Strategies for Addressing Cyber Security Skills Gap Challenges

One of the biggest challenges is getting candidates relevant work experience and on-the-job training. One solution? IT certifications. In a market this starved for qualified applicants, certifications provide a powerful way to upskill employees quickly, or hire trained applicants. Because certifications are governed by their issuing companies and administered through examinations, they provide an objective, 3rd party verification of skills that employers respect.

With the existing skills gap already so large, and the looming retirement of so many professionals on the horizon, you can see what a huge problem this will be. But for those with the right training to be part of the solution, this is a huge opportunity as well. Starting a career in cyber security is a timely choice that will pay dividends for years to come as cyber professionals expand on their skills and continue to advance their careers.

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