At LeaderQuest, our primary mission is to teach our students everything they need to know to get certified and excel in their current or desired position. To that end, we hire expert instructors with years of industry experience in cyber security and information technology to teach our classes. Our training will give you the skills and IT certifications to make you an attractive candidate for the kind of jobs you’re looking for. But we don’t stop there. We also provide an Employment Development Manager at each of our campuses, whose only job is to help connect our graduates with amazing jobs.

Get to Know Your Friendly, Local Employment Development Manager (EDM)

At LeaderQuest, we’re deeply committed to finding employment for each of our graduates. Your EDM is your personal employment advocate, and they have many tools they can use to help you find the perfect position. Though LeaderQuest is not a placement agency and can’t guarantee a job, the IT market is thriving and certified individuals are in high demand. Read on to learn more about how your EDM can help.

Discover the Ideal Career Path
If you’re not sure where in information technology you’d like to land, talk to your EDM! They can help you plot out a career path and choose the certifications that will help you get there. They can also advise you on which certification exams to take first to help you qualify as quickly as possible. Connecting the dots is much easier when you have a little help!

Learn Inside Tips on Resumes, Cover Letters, and Applications
Our EDMs are experts when it comes to making a convincing case for why a company should want to hire you. They can help you write stellar cover letters, resumes that stand out, and know online applications inside and out. They can offer the inside perspective on what employers are really looking for and how they think when assessing candidates. You may think your resume is perfect, but a resume custom tailored to the job you want is the most powerful one of all.

Optimize Your Job Search
Are you wasting time with inefficient searching techniques? Our EDMs are seeking jobs for our graduates day in and day out, and they know all the secrets to find the right jobs and do it quickly. They can help you put your time in the right places and increase efficiency. By focusing your job search correctly, you’ll save time and energy and get the interviews you’ve been seeking.

Advance Your Networking Skills
When it comes to networking, nobody knows how to do it better than our EDMs. If you haven’t been able to make deep, powerful connections at networking events, your EDM can help. Your network is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to getting hired. Your EDM can help you identify connections you already have and look for places to make new connections.

Hone Your Interviewing Skills
When you walk in the door and shake hands, nothing beats confidence. Whether you want to try a mock interview or you just want to go over the basics, your EDM can help you gain confidence in your interviewing skills. Our EDMs are experienced interview coaches, and they can help you polish your skills until you outshine every other candidate. They know what hiring managers are looking for and can help you practice the kind of questions you’ll be asked.

Benefit from your EDM’s Connections
Each EDM has strong contacts with employers in the community and wants to help you get hired! IT employers in the community often come to us looking for candidates. Our EDMs help line up our graduates with these companies so they can get the interview. EDMs are also familiar with top IT employers in the area, and form relationships with the hiring managers there. This is their number one job: helping our graduates get considered for the roles they really want.

Are you ready to get started?

EDMs are here to help you with everything we’ve mentioned above! If you want to gain access to this powerful employment advocate, enroll with us for IT certification training! Your instructors will impart the knowledge that employers are seeking, and your EDM will help to make you look like an amazing candidate that local employers are eager to hire. Start your new career and get hired in IT today!

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