I wanted to thank you for helping me get the Tec-P grant and the Security + and Certified Ethical Hacker training. I am so excited that I have passed both certifications! If it were not for you and LeaderQuest I would not have had this amazing growing experience. It has been so positive for me and I am so grateful.

– Suzanne G, LeaderQuest Denver

This place is really amazing! The staff are all very welcoming and knowledgeable. Not only did they help with my certifications needed, Sam also helped introduce me to one of the best employers I have ever worked for.

– Devin C, LeaderQuest Jacksonville

I have taken several courses at LeaderQuest, and I would highly recommend this training center to anyone seeking to enter the I.T. field or advance in their current I.T. career.

– Erin Famelie, LeaderQuest Colorado Springs

All I got to say is one word PHENOMENAL. My experience is based on certifications received the second part of 2016 and while the company school house located downtown Jacksonville FL was known as ConsulTech. LeaderQuest has helped me obtain a number of certifications. They were and still are very professional and helpful. They will work with you any way they can to accommodate your schedule. Their instructors are top notch and are always available for help either in person or via e-mail. They provide labs and materials required to help you understand. Most of all, they genuinely CARE which is rather unusual in this business of boot camp certification “schooling”. Saying that, the workload is heavy and one MUST apply oneself to pass the certification, LeaderQuest provides all the necessary tools, help and guidance BUT it is up to you to get certified. I HIGHLY recommend this place and I will continue using them for my future re-certifications.

– Piotr K, LeaderQuest Jacksonville

Leaderquest helped me get access to funding so I could attend training there towards IT certifications. I was very impressed by the staff and their ability and eagerness to help me. I landed a great job thanks to the team in Irving, Texas.

– Laine M, LeaderQuest Dallas

I attended the LeaderQuest in Jacksonville, FL, formerly known as ConsulTech. I can not explain how the staff there helped this stay at home mom, of 5 years, jump back into the tech world. I had a tremendous amount of support every step of the way from everyone on the staff. Every certification I took, they were there cheering me on and encouraging me, even when I was not sure of myself. From the Director to my instructor, there was a vast library of knowledge that they were always willing to share. This is very fast paced, so even with the support, you will need to study and apply yourself. These certifications are no walk in the park and I am still in awe that I passed every one I took. Thanks LeaderQuest Jacksonville!!!!

– Michelle W, LeaderQuest Jacksonville

I recently finished my CEH class. Great instructor. Professional staff. Brand new equipment. Very useful test prep software. I was able to pass my cert exam 3 weeks later. IT certification is not for the faint of heart; you have to put a lot of your own time outside of the classroom to prepare to pass the exam. This place gives you all the tools that you’ll ever need. Very happy with this school. Will come back for the re-cert.

– Dylan C, LeaderQuest Denver