Cyber Security Success Story Marcus Mingo

The Cyber Security Training Success Story of Marcus Mingo

In the Fall of 2016, Marcus was on a plane flying back from Germany, and trying to get all his ducks in a row to finish his cyber security training. Marcus was serving in the military, where he was doing network analysis. His goal was to finish his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and then […]

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Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst – A Day in the Life

What’s a day in the life of an information security analyst really like? This was the question on my mind when I interviewed Jason Thompson, who works as a Data Systems Security Specialist at one of the three largest banks in the US. Read on to find out how he got into the industry, what he does all day, and his advice for those who’re interested in cyber security.

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IT Job Transitioning for Veterans

Helping Veterans Transition into Brave New IT Careers

LeaderQuest is committed to helping veterans transition into the civilian workforce. We’re very proud of the work of our Community Engagement Manager, Aaron Kiewicz. In Colorado Springs, Aaron serves the veteran population as an aide and a confidant on behalf of LeaderQuest. His mission is to create effective bonds with veterans and support them as […]

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2017 IT Career Finder Free White Paper from LeaderQuest

Choosing an IT career can be a daunting task. If you’re considering an IT career or specifically, a career in cyber security, we have good news for you! Business is booming and there are more IT job postings for these occupations with every passing year. Get the 2017 IT Career Finder white paper today.

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Career Leveled Up

The Real-Life Quest of an IT Pro

When your company or branch goes under, it can feel like a deathblow. Where do you go next? How do you move up in your career now that your old place of employment is gone? LeaderQuest can help you get the training you need to find and thrive and advance in a new position in the IT industry.

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LeaderQuest Cyber Security Training and Certification

Why Choose LeaderQuest for IT Training?

When it comes to IT training, we know we’re not the only player in the game. That’s why we have crafted our programs to offer more value than any of our competitors. More than anything, our commitment to getting you hired is the best asset we can possibly offer. Read here to learn what makes LeaderQuest’s IT programs best in class.

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IT Career Success

The IT Training & Certification Success Story of Eric Castello

Eric was working as a Systems Admin when he got laid off. Struggling to make ends meet, he took a job transporting cards from repo to auction. Eric knew he wanted to continue his career in IT but he needed to add education and certification to his resume. Read to find out about Eric’s path to success and how LeaderQuest’s IT programs can help you quickly get hired in an IT role.

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