IT Career Training Success Story

The IT Career Training Success Story of Matt Rardon

From March of 1991 to March of 2012, Matthew Rardon worked his way up the military ladder, starting his military career in the United States Air Force as an Airman Basic and retiring as a Major. With a wife (who was also a military retiree) and two beautiful children, Matt set off for the next phase of his life and career. Read how Matt utilized his military benefits to reach IT career success!



Military Retirement, Civilian Transition Begins

– March

Matt obtained his Bachelor’s degree and Psychology and Master’s degree in Aeronautical Sciences while in the military. With these and his technology background gained in the Air Force, Matt felt confident he would be able to quickly transition into the civilian workforce and find a fulfilling job.



Unemployment Leads to LeaderQuest IT Career Training and Certification

– December / January


“LeaderQuest helped me focus in on a new course. I came out of the military and what I did there didn’t translate into the civilian world. LeaderQuest helped me capitalize on my technology background and apply it to civilian roles.”

After months of unemployment, Matt quickly learned that 21 years of military experience and college degrees did not necessarily guarantee a good civilian career!

Matt began attending local veteran job fairs and events where he met Kris, a LeaderQuest IT Career Training specialist. Kris talked to Matt about LeaderQuest IT training programs, veteran funding programs that would pay for his training, and local job market demand so Matt could gain an understanding of what he needed to do to make himself more attractive to employers.

In January of 2013, Matt’s first career advising appointment was setup and he quickly enrolled in training for CompTIA and ITIL – the foundational courses from the DoD 8570 directive which are baseline requirements for access to DoD IT systems. This pack of courses in combination with his military experience and university degrees would open up countless employment opportunities for Matt.

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Matt enrolled in here


Employment Secured

– May

By the end of January, Matt was armed with four certifications that would show employers he was up-to-date on his civilian IT skills.

Kris and Matt got to work on a new resume. Kris began reaching out to the LeaderQuest community of employers to let them know that there was a strong and qualified veteran candidate available for open IT positions. Matt secured several interviews over the next few months.

In May of 2013, Matt accepted a position as Operations Manager at a well known Colorado Springs business.




– Mid-Year

Matt was happy to have found gainful employment, but as sometimes happens, it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for. The pay was below market and there was no room for growth. Over the next two years, Matt stuck with the job to get the experience under his belt while he continued his job search. In 2015, Matt was laid off due to his office closing. He called LeaderQuest and quickly established a new learning plan with Kris that would get him to that next level he was now ready for. Matt didn’t just want a ‘job,’ he wanted to find out where he would fit and what would make him happy.



New Certification, New Job!

– August

“That’s what was exciting about it. The company, just knowing I had completed training with LeaderQuest, was ready to hire me!”

Matt enrolled in the LeaderQuest Cyber Security Specialist course. Upon completing the course, Matt worked with career services to brush up his resume again.

Over the next three weeks, Matt studied for his CISSP exam. About two weeks in, he received a call from Oakman Aerospace and was offered a job after his interview. Even though he was still a week away from his CISSP certification, he was hired!

Current Update:

Matt is still happily employed – at market rate. He is currently pursuing his CCNA Security Certifications to continue working his way up the ladder.

Congratulations Matt! Everyone here at the LeaderQuest IT Career training center is thrilled that we were able to play a small part in your IT career success and we are here for you in your future endeavors! Do you have questions or comments about Matt’s Success Story?? Leave them below! And remember to show some love and veteran support with lots of shares…

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