Transfer your Military Skills into a Civilian IT or Project Management Resume

Event Details

LeaderQuest COS Campus
7222 Commerce Center Drive #235
Colorado Springs, CO

Do you have unique skills that don’t apply to your desired career? Do you have a resume that has failed to catch the attention of employers?

This is your opportunity to change that and get the interview you’ve been preparing for. Join us for this free workshop, held at LeaderQuest’s Colorado Springs Campus.


There’s no “one size fits all” way to write a resume. Instead, learn how to write a resume that works for you and really grabs the reader’s attention. We’ll show you to be creative, emphasize your soft skills, and quantify your experiences. Make that first impression a lasting impression.

This workshop has a special focus on learning how to translate military skills and experience into powerful additions to your resume as you search for civilian employment. We can help you make your time serving our country really shine on a resume, in a way that makes sense to employers.


Kimberly Archer is a Senior Employer Relations Manager with LeaderQuest. Her primary focus is helping our graduates get hired as soon as possible. Working with employers in the area, she has become an expert in what it takes to really stand out as an applicant and how to get hired. If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly at


LeaderQuest offers a variety of training programs in person and online to help students get IT and cyber security certifications. Programs take 10-15 days and are taught by expert instructors who have experience in the field. After getting certified, we make it our number one goal to find you a great position. Want to get certified? Contact us today.

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