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LeaderQuest has provided flexible, scalable corporate IT training and professional development solutions designed to help you increase revenue, improve talent retention and boost employee productivity through a broad range technology courses, IT certification programs and customized training solutions driven by the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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Corporate IT Training

Corporate IT Training Solutions Built Around Your Business

Public Schedule IT Training

LeaderQuest offers a comprehensive range of guaranteed to run, instructor-led courses.

  • Extensive course catalog
  • Classroom and virtual ILT options
  • Courses align to IT certifications

Private, On-Site IT Training

LeaderQuest can deliver courses to any number of clients at private or third party locations.

  • Live, expert instruction
  • Tailored curriculum
  • On-site or virtual delivery options

Custom Training & Consulting

LeaderQuest partners closely with clients to deliver completely custom training solutions.

  • Comprehensive training needs analysis
  • Custom curriculum development
  • Blended delivery options

LeaderQuest corporate IT training solutions can be broken out into two categories – both of which are designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of your business environment.


A selection of course modules and/or lessons from can be pulled from our courses and be modified or condensed to train individuals with the information most relevant or critical to your business environment.


LeaderQuest works very closely with your team to develop a completely customized blend of products, services, and technologies that help organizations plan, develop, deploy and manage strategic or tactical learning investments in leadership development, IT and systems, compliance, and more.


LeaderQuest Tailored and Custom Training Solutions are delivered through a unique blend of the different training modalities to fit your current environment and custom training needs.

  • LeaderQuest Live (LQL). LQL is our interactive virtual platform through which one or more of our highly skilled trainers deliver courses live.
  • Classroom Training. Traditional instructor-led classes delivered at a LeaderQuest or partner facility.
  • Private/On-Site Training. LeaderQuest sends highly skilled instructors to deliver training at client facilities or third party locations anywhere in the world.
  • Self-Paced Training. Self-paced e-learning options deliver vast range of courses from soft skills, leadership and management to an extensive list of technology courses.


LeaderQuest Learning and Development Consulting Services Link Training Solutions to Business Outcomes

LeaderQuest offers consulting services to design, implement, and support the adoption of company-wide learning and development programs.Our winning formula enables success by addressing every element of corporate learning and professional development training programs to deliver results and achieve strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive the desired business outcomes.


Job and task analysis identifies the competencies and key performance indicators directly related to success in a job. It is a systematic procedure for gathering, documenting, and analyzing information about the content, context, and requirements of the job. Let us show you how to map the competencies and key performance indicators related to a specific job, then set the training plan.


The rigor and productivity of the ISD approach can ensure positive results, control costs and reduce risk associated with corporate learning initiatives. Good ISD customizes solutions based on specific roles and jobs within an organization first, and then creates learning assets to improve competencies that drive real business results.


While learning sets the foundation for great performance, a sustained reinforcement strategy ensures adoption by integrating newfound knowledge into the worker’s daily business and made part of their daily thought or task process. LeaderQuest can design learning programs to include mentorships, virtual knowledge centers, online book collections, and more so that reinforcement and retention of core knowledge is as simple.


A key step to bringing the learning solution full circle is performance measurement. This phase is critical in making sure that the learning programs are meeting KPIs defined early in the process to ensure that the solution delivers the desired business outcomes. Our consultants work closely with clients to adjust the learning solutions at any phase to ensure optimal performance.